Since 2010 Naâman illumines the French reggae scene with his groovy flow mixing an old school reggae music with modern sonorities like hip hop and ragga ones. In June 2013 he released his first album Deep Rockers Back A Yard which express the talent of this frenchy with his incredible flow and his angel face. This album is a top-level meeting between the young prodigy accompagnied by Fatbabs his long standing associate dj and beatmaker and the key people of Jamaican reggae production as Sam Clayton and Stephen Stewart. And it’s a fabulous mix between reggae and hip hop which represents today more than 6 000 albums sold, “House Of Love” videoclip with more than 350 000views and the enormous success of “Skanking Shoes” with more than a million of views on Youtube ! Well a real social phenomenon !

Since June 2013 and this resounding success “Deep Rockers Back A Yard” has conquered audiences and medias and Naâman’s crew have walked millions of kilometers to offer this jewel in all Europe and the biggest reggae festivals ! On stage it’s explosive and memorable, a real communion between the “Deep Rockers Crew” and its public. Press is unanimous in France : Libération, Le Monde, Canal Street or RFI and others discovered with amazement his incredible flow but his idea and engagement to keep the reggae/roots tradition and adapt it to our modern and urban society.

Today Naâman and his band are following their meteoric rise on stage on internet and with their last album ! After a big European tour in 2013, the crew is back in 2015/2016 with a brand new show !

Fatbabs will be on stage on the turntables with the band becoming an integral part of the show. With Fatbabs the public has discovered Naâman at his origines and he has been the producer of the famous mixtape “Skanking Shoes” and this last album. His crazy energy is in perfect harmony with Naâman’s once ! Be sure to discover a brand and unique show !! The first apparition had a warm welcome !

Don’t hesitate to see in on stage at La Madeleine on the 20th October 2022 !