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Belgium and the island of Réunion have not shared a significant common history until now… One continent separates them: Africa! The very continent that deeply connects Skinfama and BeWild.
Skinfama has been working in Belgium for nearly 20 years as an expert in urban, world and reggae music. BeWild is a key player in the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island, Mauritius,…) and Southern Africa. The perfect opportunity for artists to develop and find a reliable partner well-versed in their respective markets.
These two companies join forces to create « African Heritage, » the fruit of an inspiring collaboration and the desire to build cultural and artistic bridges between the two regions.
« Let’s celebrate together the richness and diversity of African music with an exclusive Southern African focus. From Amapiano out of Soweto to Afro Hip-Hop from Cape Town’s Ghettos.. »
Embark on a journey through the artistic universe of our talents. Enchanting rhythms, vibrant sounds rich in authentic melodies paying homage to Africa’s musical heritage.
A captivating exploration that transcends borders and styles, a collaboration aimed at creating unique experiences!

African heritage artists